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I wanted a personal account the size of a hedge fund...and all I have is a website called TheKOOKReport

This is my story...I'm a finance guy and focused on making money.  To restore positive karma and not tempt the Gods to burn my wax wings, this is my offering.  If it sounds ridiculous, then you are not superstitious.  I am.  Respect the markets and respect the Gods.  Hubris kills. 

TheKOOKReport is for everyone who hates the fact that the line-up is full of a$$holes who yell at you no matter what you do.  If you cannot learn there, where can you learn?  If you can't paddle out without violating some unknown rule and being called a Kook, where are you to start? 

The imperative to provide an educational resource is all the more important with the rise of r/WSB and the like, which induces investors who are poorly equipped to counteract the psychological inducement of meme culture.  While it is fun to see Melvin Capital get whipped around, the real loser is the average investor who does the wrong thing at the wrong time.  If this website can help but just one person improve their financial situation because they helped themselves, the effort will have been worth it.  

TheKOOKReport is for that would-be investor who feels overwhelmed by the markets or worries they will be eaten by a shark the second they take a risk.  We are all Kooks at something.  Let's take back the line-up!

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